Yellow, the color to adopt in your outdoor decor

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Bright and brilliant, yellow is back as the color to adopt in 2021. Since the official announcement of the Pantone color at the beginning of the year, we have all been pleasantly surprised to learn that yellow is one of the two star shades called Illuminating. For our part, we looked at the selection of this lively color in the exterior decors. Here are some ideas to help you incorporate the color of the year into your landscaping in a timeless way.

This luminous color is ideal to adopt as an accessory. Yellow pairs beautifully with the bluish appearance of swimming pool water. Outdoor rugs, cushions, flowerpot, decorative towels, parasol … this sparkling shade is absolutely perfect in all forms.

Aquarino 1220 Arctic Grey / Gris arctique

Aquarino 1220 Arctic Grey / Gris arctique

1220 – Arctic Grey

1223 model Sea Salt

1220 – Sea Salt & Proma Quadra slab by Rinox

Rinox_Proma Quadra Silver White/Blanc d'argent

Proma Quadra slab by Rinox

If you prefer neutral hues in your accessories, then you can opt for the addition of yellow in your annual flowers. This alternative allows you to follow the current trend while having the possibility to change flowers next year if you wish!

Proma XL - Silver White/Blanc d'argent

Proma XL slab by Rinox

Aquarino pools

Pairing remarkably well with the greenish shades of leaves and shrubs, yellow is a wise choice of color to select for perennials.

Again this year, we fell in love with the Pantone color. It will brighten up your backyard and liven up any space. Yellow, the color to adopt in your outdoor decor in 2021… absolutely perfect in all forms!

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