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In 2022, a variety of pool models are available on the market, which makes the selection even more difficult. An inground pool is the central element of a backyard. It is therefore very important to analyze our needs and desires as owners in order to choose the model that matches our personality and that of our family. Find the Aquarino model that suits your personality among our featured models!

You might think that choosing a pool model is easy. How many pool models could there possibly be? But then you start looking into pools and it turns out, there are a lot more options out there than you ever could’ve imagined! With so many different options available, it’s easy to feel uncertain. One thing is for sure, this is your pool, it needs to reflect your lifestyle and personality! Use our personality guide as a tool to help determine the right pool model for you.


The Supermom (or dad)

Modèle plage Aquarino

Supermom’s the beach pool model is for you! Are you planning on using your pool for hours of child entertainment? The beach model is perfect for kids of all ages. It represents the perfect balance between safety and fun. The shallow, flat space at the entrance of the pool is ideal for moms or dads who spend their days in the water with small children, while also watching over the older kids in the deeper end of the pool. Entertain your youngest with the shallow play area and let the older ones swim the day away! Enhance your supermom status with an Aquarino beach pool model.

The beach model is available in the following sizes: 8×16, 10×25 and 12×20.


The sports or health fanatic

Modèle 1226 aquarino

For the athletes and major health-enthusiasts of this world, a classic rectangular model is synonymous with perfection. This model is ideal for long hours of swimming laps to improve your cardio! For the sports lover, who constantly needs to move, you can use it for ulra-fun pool volleyball or basketball games. Finally, a rectangular model is best for long dives or just practicing jumping into the pool! Stay super fit and have the funnest summer with any one of our rectangular pools.

You can get an Aquarino rectangular model in the following sizes: 12×20,12×24 and 12×26.


The social butterfly

Modèle lounge Aquarino

Modèle lounge Aquarino

Do you love entertaining, and constanly have a house, or backyard full of guests? The lounge model is unanimous among owners who love entertaining during the summer season. Its entrance space, specially designed as a spa, allows several people to be seated and enjoy the sun comfortably. The lounge model is amongst the larger pools, which is perfectly catered for pool parties where some guests can be in the deeper water while others can enjoy the lounge area!

There are two sizes of the lounge model available,12×28 as well as 12×32.

The minimalist

816 Sea salt

For the minimalist, it’s not about the size or model of the pool, it’s the simple fact of having a swimming pool to be able to cool off during hot summer days. The smaller models of 8×10 or 8×16 are perfect for minimalists who want a clean, practical backyard without too many elements to fill up the space. These smaller models give them the functionality they crave while being able to fully enjoy the summer season. Additionally, opting for a pale pool color, as featured in the project above, enhances that minimalist feel while giving a brightening effect. Check out the products used in this project to inspire you! 

Are you more informed about the ideal model that would suit your personality? Now it’s time to select your pool color from our 6 available shades. Request a quote now for your project!

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