Why choose a fiberglass pool?

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Thinking about upgrading your backyard with an inground pool? The base material is an important aspect, among many other things, to consider. Installation, maintenance and the style of pool are also key aspects to think about before choosing your pool model. Fibreglass pools are an up and coming trend due to their style, quality and durability. Discover below the advantages to choosing a fibreglass pool!


Fast installation

Fibreglass is an increasingly popular material across many fields because of its multiple advantages. More prevalent in the landscaping industry, fibreglass pools are installed in one day only, rain or shine. This being the most favorable argument with the competition, traditional inground pools, taking up to three weeks for installation! At Aquarino, our fibreglass pools are sold and installed by our qualified team.


Easy maintenance

When evaluating the pros and cons of investing in an inground pool, maintenance comes back most often as a reason for hesitation. In comparison with traditional pools, the smooth floor and walls keep the dirt from sticking and eliminate the risk of algae. In addition, it allows for faster cleaning of the ring caused by sun lotion. The dirt will bead along the edge rather than stick as it would on a liner. Liners are a thing of the past with fibreglass pools. This being a major reason you won’t ever have to change or paint the inside. Therefore, this type of pool will result in saving money and easy maintenance. Sounds like a deal to us!


More efficient heating

Did you know that fiberglass retains heat more proficiently? Notably, the material is insulating and when combined with polyurethane, the water will always be at least 8 ºF

Did you know that fiberglass retains their heat better? First of all, this material is insulating and when it combines with polyurethane, water will always be at least 8 ºF warmer than any other pool models. Thanks to the material of Aquarino’s pools, we can allow you to start your summer season earlier, and extend it longer…a water lover’s dream!


Clean and modern look

Your backyard is a space that should not be overlooked. A fibreglass pool has a sleek look that will bring a modern twist to your landscaping. Aquarino is developing exclusive pool models that follow a variety of needs and trends. Every Aquarino pool has straight lines, benches, and large steps for your comfort.

To create a sense of harmony in your backyard, the base color of your pool should be chosen with much thought to ensure a good balance. Aquarino offers six amazing colors. For a clean and industrial look, choose the Arctic Grey. The Aqua is the best alternative to achieve a warm ambiance in your backyard. Additionally, the Aqua color will bring elegance to your project. For a chic and original color, go ahead with the Galaxy, a deep but reflective black. This color will most definitely stand out for its individuality.


To summarize, having a fiberglass pool will add luxury to your backyard landscaping and create a more inviting ambiance. You will be able to enjoy the summer season with the minimal maintenance these pools require. Should you have any more questions about our pools and the models, feel free to contact one of our specialists so they can help assist you in your selection.

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