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Whether you live in a house in the big city or are the future owner of a piece of land in the suburbs, outdoor spaces are more and more restricted due to new zoning and town regulation as well as the density restrictions of inhabited areas. Backyards have been reducing in size over the years and it may be difficult to find a house with an exterior area that allows the addition of an inground pool. The arrival of small pools is a miraculous solution to allow homeowners to create an outdoor space that combines room for entertainment, dining and vegetation. Do you feel like your swimming needs cannot be fulfilled with these space-saving sized pool shells? Discover why these pools are absolutely perfect!

Most people dream about having a spa but don’t have the space for one and a pool. What’s fabulous about a small-sized pool is that you can have only one water hole that can be heated during cold nights and kept cooler during a heat wave.

Moreover, a small pool allows you to enjoy the maximum of your backyard by maintaining the possibility of other living areas around it. You can create different spaces and personalize them depending on your needs as a couple or a family. Truth is, many people don’t actually want to swim but merely to be refreshed!

At Aquarino, our 810 model is a size of 8 by 10 feet which is equivalent to a standard-sized spa.

With wide steps around each side, this model offers a seat for all swimmers, which is a great feature! See this model’s technical sheet »

810 model Aquarino

810 model – Sea Salt


For those who have a bigger backyard, our 8×16 model is also ideal! The fact that it is 6 feet longer makes a big difference for those who really want to swim and do laps. Available in 6 colors, this model will give that ‘wow’ effect that you’re looking for and will still leave room for other defined spaces in your backyard. Also, a new model is available in the 8×16 size called the 816-beach. This model offers a shallow relaxation area at the entrance of the pool, perfect for the whole family to enjoy. Consult the pool model dig sheet!


816 model – Arctic Grey


Of course if you have the space for a bigger pool, opt for the model that suits you best by consulting with one of our representatives. With a plan, you will be able to see which pool model will best suit your needs. Ask for an online quote today! »

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